Crafts for Teacher Appreciation Week!

Next week is teacher appreciation week, so we are sharing four fun crafts that will show your kiddo’s teachers how much you appreciate them!

Craft 1.

Show your kiddo’s teachers how much they have helped them grow with this fun hand-print flower craft! 

It will turn out super adorable and the kiddos will love the paint on their hands!

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Craft 2.

Let the kiddos show their appreciation for their teachers with this cute apple mason jar. 

Teachers can fill this jar up with class goodies and will always remember your student for crafting such a sweet gift!

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Craft 3. 

This pencil flower vase is perfect for any teacher and will be an awesome decoration for the classroom! 

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Craft 4.

Say thank you to the teachers with this cute lady bug thank you card! 

It will certainly buzz around in the teacher’s heart and make them feel loved!

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Happy Teacher Appreciation Week to all of our crafters and thank you to all of the wonderful teachers out there!

5 Ways This Gift is Helping Families Connect through Creativity!

5 Ways This Gift is Helping Families Connect through Creativity!

1. Save Time & Invest in Creativity!

We know how precious time is, and we value your time with your kiddos. So rather than spending your time researching, shopping and preparing, let us do the prep work and you have fun being creative together! With We Craft Box, all of the materials are provided, along with two to three crafts tailored to that month’s box for the kiddos to create!

2. Stress-Free Quality Time Crafting with the Kids!

With so many family obligations and responsibilities people juggle today it’s hard to get quality time in. Stress no more! Spend less time worrying about the next time you’ll do something fun with kids and spend more time embarking on a crafting journey with the whole family! We Craft Box makes spending quality time together easy, and crafting as stress-free as possible with easy-to-follow directions in each box for every craft. 

3. Use Your Imagination

Each craft box comes with a unique themed story. Families enjoy bonding through arts and crafts in talking about the stories and letting their imaginations run free. Using the stories and crafts as a tool families are being creative and strengthening bonds.

4. Make Memories Together!

We Craft Box allows you to unplug from the screen, and be present in the moment. Be silly, be creative, be imaginative, but most importantly, be together! Each box is an experience rather than a toy. This means that you’ll be gifting memories with your children, which is a thoughtful and powerful gift that gives everyone the warm and fuzzies. 

5. Connecting Families

Sometimes family members do not always live nearby, but We Craft Box makes showing love from a distance easy peasy! We Craft Box makes a great gift for grandparents, uncles, aunts and close family friends to send to the kiddos for any occasion with a personal gift message that will fill the kiddo’s heart and think of you every time they see the bright orange and teal box arrive at their doorstep!

Get happy mail for your favorite littles! You can subscribe here, or if you can’t wait to get your craft on check out our single box shop – we ship daily!


“We love the we craft box!!!!!! As a busy working mama I love that everything we need to do amazing crafts are sent right to our door. No more searching Pinterest, buying supplies and then finding the time to do them. The boxes are full of well thought out and quality crafts. My kids love them!” -Rachel



“I was very stressed trying to find the perfect Christmas gift for my 5 year old grandson who has a giant playroom full of toys. After doing tons of research I found “We Craft Box”. It turned out to be the perfect gift I was looking for! He sent me a video of him when the box arrived in the mail. (This alone was exciting!) Next my daughter called to tell me he worked non-stop for over 3 hours crafting and the best part he could do the crafts by himself. The only problem now if figuring out where to proudly display all of his works of art. So glad I didn’t waste money on another toy that would have be disguarded in the toy box in January…now each month he gets a thrilling mail delivery and spends time enjoying the creative time. I recommend this gift subscription to all other grandparents searching for a gift that will be enjoyed!” -Christine



“I purchased this program for my grandson. He is excited to receive the box every month and to see what neat things are going to be in the box to make. These boxes are really great for a rainy day or just for some extra special time for the whole family instead of watching TV. We have received 3 boxes now and I am really impressed at the cute ideas that come in the box, and what is really nice, it comes with everything, no thinking of ideas and then running around shopping for supplies… they come right to your door. Thank you We Craft Box… we love your product!” -Kimberly

2018 August Llamas Getting Ready For Take Off!

Kicking off August with our Hot Air Balloon Lollipop Llamas!

Our special crafting material this month was the Wikki Stix Wax Crafting sticks!

We used these Wikki Stix to decorate our Lollipop Llamas. 💜

Our Lollipop Llamas are missing one thing… their Lollipops!

We made some of our lollipops with Wikki Stix and some of our other lollipops with Model Magic!

This Lollipop looks yummy enough to eat!

Now that our lollipops are done, we can move onto the Llama’s scenery that they will be looking over as they are traveling in their hot air balloon.

The Lollipop Llamas are ready to fly over the hills and mountains… they just need their Hot Air Ballon!

Look at that Llama go!

Now all of our llamas are ready to go on an adventure! 😁

Thank you for joining us and our Lollipop Llama friends for a fun adventure. Don’t forget to join us for our September adventure. Here’s a hint for what you can expect… 🤖

Until then, stay up to date with all of the crafts we share on 

We Craft Box Goes Fishing in July for Some Fun Crafts!

We Craft Box is going fishing in July with these special sparkle fish! Some of the special materials we used this month include sparkles, sequins, and coffee filters. All of these fun materials turned out to be a bright and fun craft for the kiddos to enjoy.

We started crafting our underwater world by making our sparkle fish.

Now that we have some sparkly fish friends to occupy our underwater world, we have to create some hidden treasure chests for the sparkly fish to protect.

Now that we have secret treasure chests for the sparkly fish to swim around, we need to create our underwater world for the fish to live in. After we finish the underwater world we will be able to watch our fish swim together in their new tank!

This is the clear outer layer of the tank. We added some fun plants and blue streaks that looks like water inside the tank.

This is the fish tank background we made so it would look like our sparkly fish are swimming under water.

We also colored and cut up some coffee filters so they would look like plants for the fish tank for our sparkly fish to swim through.

For the last part of our fishing journey, we go to put our sparkly fish on some string and hang them from the top of our We Craft Box so they could swim freely in their new underwater world.

Thank you for coming on this fishing journey with us!

If you would like to do similar crafts like this one, look at our available subscription options online at You and the kiddos will not regret it!

Setting Up Camp in June with the We Craft Box Camping Bears!

We set up camp in June with our camping bear friends! This camping scene was super fun to make and it turned out adorable.

In the month of June we got to work with some fun materials like pine cones, beans, and oil pastels!

The first step in our camping journey was to make the camping bears!

These bears were simple to make! Attaching the pinecones together for the body and using a paper bear head, our new friends turned out so cute it was unBEARable.

We then were able to add some beans to the face, which gave the bears their quirky personality.

Now that we had our bears we moved on to making our campfire!

The best part about this campfire is that it doubles as an ornament.

With a few oil pastels, glue and some beans, we had a nice and toasty campfire for our bear friends to enjoy!

We finally ended our camping trip with the bears by pitching the tents and staring out into the stars.

Our bear friends had an amazing time in the great outdoors!

We Craft Box also had a great time crafting our bear friends and their camping scene.

Thanks for coming camping with us and be sure to stay tuned for our next crafting journey!

If you are interested in doing more crafts like these, visit

To see an unboxing video of May’s box, click the video down below!

May’s Crafts Are Out of This World!

Prepared to be blown out of this world with May’s We Craft Box!

In May, we got to meet some new friends and the crafts were extra space-cial.

This month we got to work with some fun materials like silly putty and glow paint!

These are all of the materials needed, which are all included in the subscription box. This makes crafting easy peasy!

To start our adventure into space, we needed to make Zork and His Space Cruiser.

Above are all of the materials needed to make the fearless Zork and his sturdy space cruiser.

First, we started out with the space cruiser.

The little black stickers made great windows for the space cruiser. The big green sticker was for Zork’s cockpit!

Now that the space cruiser had been assembled, we needed to make Zork so he could begin his journey to space!

Once Zork and his cruiser had been made, the kiddos had to decorate the cruiser with glow paint so it could be seen in outer space!

Zork’s space cruiser certainly glowed bright after adding the paint!

We had one little problem before we could embark on our journey to space.

We had to make Outer Space first!

We put a flat sheet of white paper up against the back of the propped up We Craft Box as our outer space backdrop. We were able to hold this flat sheet of paper up with poster tac.

We also added some star stickers and glow paint splatters to our star scape.

Making the splatters was super fun and interactive for the kiddos! With some glow paint, straws, and toothbrushes, these splatters were easy to make.

To complete our outer space scene, we needed to make some planets.

We painted the inside of some transparent ornaments and hung them to back of the We Craft Box with a pipe-cleaner. We used some stickers to hold the pipe-cleaners to the back of the box.

We also added a lot of white glow paint to the planets so Zork would be able to see them easily when he was flying his cruiser.

After a fun and creative journey, Zork was able to make it to outer space!

Thanks for coming on an awesome outer space adventure with Zork!

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To see an unboxing video of May’s box, click the video down below!

April Shower’s Bring a New Craft Box!

It’s that month where it just does not seem to stop raining and the grass grows two times faster than it normally does!

With rain comes spending more time inside, so here are a couple of crafts that were a part of the April box that we spent our time doing!

All of the materials needed to make these fun crafts on a gloomy day were provided in April’s We Craft Box.

The special art material for the April Box were the Magic Nuudles and beads!

In our first craft, we made some rainbow daisies to brighten up the room.

In this craft, we used the Magic Nuudles as petals for the daisies.

The green pipe cleaners also made awesome stems!

Those are the cutest rainbow daisies I think I have ever seen!

Every flower needs a little water to stay nourished, so that is why our next craft is making the Happy Raincloud.

In this craft, we used the beads to look like streaks of rain!

It was a cute and creative touch to this craft.

Typically rainclouds make me feel gloomy, but I can’t help but smile when looking at this one!

The best part of all is that the kids had a blast making these crafts!

If you are interested in doing more crafts like these, visit our website at

Happy April!

To see an unboxing video of April’s box, click the video down below!

St. Patrick’s Day Brought Us Luck and a New We Craft Box!

This March, we took a trip to Fergus McGee’s Colorful World! With a bit of luck, We Craft Box was able to give the kid’s some fun crafts to do and the family was able to spend quality time together.

The special art material for this month were colorful water beads!

When we began our adventure to Fergus McGee’s Colorful World, we got to construct our own Wee Houses!

Fergus McGee and his friends are sure to come marching into this colorful world with these precious houses.

The next addition to this colorful world is the rainbow scene! We are excited to see what we find at the end of this rainbow.

The beads were great for sensory play and they helped spread the paint around to make a pretty backdrop for Fergus McGee’s Colorful World.

I can hear them coming! Fergus McGee and his wee friends are marching into their colorful world to see what is at the end of the rainbow.

The last part of this box was to add the finishing touches to Fergus McGee’s and his wee friends home!

With a few shamrocks here and there, Fergus McGee’s Colorful World is complete!

At the end of the rainbow we found some happy smiles and great family time! That is the best treasure to us here at We Craft Box.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Owl You Need is Love!

We were spreading the love this Valentine’s Day with our February 2018 Craft Box! This box featured some crafts that had the kiddos falling in love with being creative and letting their imagination flow.

The special thing about the February 2018 Box is that the actual box contributed to a big portion of the overall craft! We got creative with collage materials to build 3D Owls with the We Craft Box. We think it is great to waste as little materials as possible, so we try to incorporate the box into the craft whenever we make a new month’s box.

The first craft we made in the February Box was Mister Owl’s Valentine Box!

With a few other materials, and a couple of snips here and there, your We Craft Box can be turned into a cute owl that is sure to win over your family’s heart!

We wouldn’t want this little critter to be owl by themselves on Valentine’s Day, so in the February Craft Box you could also make Little Owls!

Now they can have a hoot as a family!

Owl you need is love!

Now that these owls are pretty, they need a tree to share.

That’s why the next part of this month’s box was Mister Owl’s Valentine Tree!

How Hootiful!

Now the owls have loved ones and a beautiful tree to spend Valentine’s Day with. What’s even better is that the kiddos were able to spend time with their loved ones on Valentine’s Day!

I hope you and your family had a Happy Valentine’s Day and that this month’s box was able to bring the people you love most together to create memories that are priceless!



New Year means a New Craft Box!

And just like that, it is 2018. Time sure does fly by when you’re having fun! And what’s not fun about starting the year off with some crafts? I know it can be hard sometimes to find fun things for the kids to do while they are off of school, but We Craft Box can always help with that!

To start our adventure off with the fun we had with the January 2018 Box, we must mention our very special art material we used this month! This month, the kids were able to mess around with some Model Magic! This was a super exciting part of this month’s box because I believe the kids really loved working with this material.

With the Model Magic, we made the Shining Polar Bears of the North!

Since the Polar Bears live so far away in the North Pole, we just had to make our own!

I’ve never seen a more precious polar bear in my life!

We made a few different polar bears, all different shapes and colors.

Considering these sparkling polar bears live in the North Pole, we thought they might enjoy a cozy igloo to live in.

And just like that, the polar bears had a home of their own! With their igloo, they were all able to snuggle up as one big and happy family.

Just like the polar bears were able to spend time as a family in their new igloo, we were also able to spend time as a family making the igloo and polar bears!

We also didn’t want to miss out on the polar bear party, so we made our own polar bear masks to match with them!

The kids were able to get really creative with these masks and could even imagine themselves as being a polar bear!

I love starting out the new year making memories with my family and you can too! But we would love to be a part of those memories and help provide you with the materials you need to craft some cute keepsakes!

I hope that everyone had a great 2017 and that 2018 brings only more happiness.