As a full time working mom of two wild boys, I like most parents want to spend as much quality time with my kiddos as possible. Crafting and creating is what I’m all about (not only my schooling degree but my career as well). It’s a passion of mine and such an important part of childhood. However, planning, shopping and preparing for these crafts in my spare time has felt like a waste, as I would much rather spend that time with my kids. I kept thinking to myself, I wish I had a box of prepared crafts, that I, my husband, or even Grandmom could do with the boys. No need for shopping, planning or being creative… each project would be prepared with materials and directions, (if you choose to follow them).

We Craft Box was created to solve a problem for me. Enabling me to connect with my children and create in the easiest way. And after talking to other parents, I realized that there was a need for this box, a need to cut out the leg work and have fun and creative moments at our fingertips!

This Blog is for those creative types who are looking for more fun ideas, sometimes utilizing more of the materials from our monthly box. We hope you enjoy and have a great time crafting with your kids too!