April Shower’s Bring a New Craft Box!

It’s that month where it just does not seem to stop raining and the grass grows two times faster than it normally does!

With rain comes spending more time inside, so here are a couple of crafts that were a part of the April box that we spent our time doing!

All of the materials needed to make these fun crafts on a gloomy day were provided in April’s We Craft Box.

The special art material for the April Box were the Magic Nuudles and beads!

In our first craft, we made some rainbow daisies to brighten up the room.

In this craft, we used the Magic Nuudles as petals for the daisies.

The green pipe cleaners also made awesome stems!

Those are the cutest rainbow daisies I think I have ever seen!

Every flower needs a little water to stay nourished, so that is why our next craft is making the Happy Raincloud.

In this craft, we used the beads to look like streaks of rain!

It was a cute and creative touch to this craft.

Typically rainclouds make me feel gloomy, but I can’t help but smile when looking at this one!

The best part of all is that the kids had a blast making these crafts!

If you are interested in doing more crafts like these, visit our website at www.wecraftbox.com.

Happy April!

To see an unboxing video of April’s box, click the video down below!

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